My Doll House Minature projects

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A best friend came by to help me!!

You know you have a best friend when she will do all this for you!
We worked on moving the bins into a closet where the doll house was
and lable most everything for now...A BIG thank you to Chery Lee!!


bins all against the wall and messy!!

BEFORE: the closet with the doll house stored here
with other boxes of stuff!

Now it's empty ....and she made me throw away 3 big bags of junk!!
Ah-a-a-a- that feels good!

After : Now the bins are stored neatly in the closet !!

I will post pics of the doll house when I get it back up and
on the new dresser I repainted! We still have to go through all
the drawers and organized them!! That's another week!! :))
see more on the Facebook album I did. Look for me
" Chris Pecherzewski"